Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sweet Like Sugar

Ngọt như đường như mật!
Ngọt như đường như mật magnify
kaka... hum nai, ngồi trên lầu, đánh máy, trời nóng chảy mỡ, mồ hôi lấm tấm như vừa trong fong` tắm hơi mới ra. Hok mở máy lạnh, vì lạm dùng thời tiết để tiêu hao năng lượng, khỏi work out cho mệt haha lười mà có lợi
Khoan... cho hét 1 cái nha ..."NÓNG WA'" hừh... rồi, viết blog đây!

You color my world
(Anh tô vẽ cuộc sống của em)

B4 you came…

It was a black and white TV world.

I wished I could switch another Chanel, searching out for a better show, but I guess there were no better shows.

My world was like a sad movie that didn’t have an ending in that "small world,"

it kept move on and move on.

But then one day I was singing a sad song, suddenly you came along and colored
my TV world.

I never feel a burden because you gave me a big ass flat screen TV, it's so

light that i believe i can fly with it.

You help me see a better world

Oh and there are so many chanels, and im still chasing for a better one.

If all you need is love, then babe i'm sure I have whats that

all” you need, for you... it's a whole lot more

If you're a love hunger and malnutrition, i'll be your love vitamins, i'm SURE I am good for yah!

IF Photobucket NOTHING BUT PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket THEN I'LL B YUR Photobucket

I you, love you, lub u, luv yuuuu'

Cuz yu r so fi

So dangerous

And your love, awh can’t deny

When you hold my hands, I feel like...I can fly

When your lips touch mine

I can tell feelings grow

Yo show me what luvvv is

You teach me how to love someone like you

If the one b4 me left you with a broken heart, baby I’ll sew it up and I’ll be your scar that will stick with you 4ever.

I'm watering our

Our love then but darling IT will


All About Kute

Animated Couples Kiss


Búp bê Xinh (Cutie dolls)

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Friday, May 8, 2009

hinh dong [Square Colors Collection]

Flowers *hoa*

Blue Dreams (Trời Xanh)

Orange Love

Green Cheers


Purple Rain